Best Slovakian Brides: Why Foreigners Like To Date Slovakian Women?

Besides, he’s a talented writer who makes it easy to understand the peculiarities of international women for dating and marriage. Slovakian women, just like other Slavic ladies, love it when somebody gifts them flowers.

  • And there is no way she will like you if you show nothing but physical interest.
  • Of course, vanity is not typical for Slovakian women.
  • Jealousy is not a signature character trait of women from Slovakia.
  • If you are willing to discuss important questions with them and take into account their opinion, they will respect you even more for it.

They have a slightly more upscale vibe – it’s still a burger joint but nice enough for a date. If you’re taking out a high-value girl, a low-value date won’t do.

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Statistics You Should Know About Slovakian Women

Families try to instill a serious work ethic in children and may assign them substantive chores as early as age seven. In rural areas, once it was common for elementary school-age children to take geese and other small livestock to pasture. There is compulsory formal education for children through the tenth grade. Car theft, theft of merchandise, and burglary are much more common than they were before 1989. Pickpockets are active in urban areas and on buses and trains, assaults are more common, and there have been car bombings and political assassinations.

That being said, Slovakian girls are still very conservative. This is a Catholic country and most families are quite devout. Slovenia, on the other hand, is to the South. It borders Italy and has a lot of Italian/Mediterranian influence on its’ culture. It is nowhere as famous as Tokaj in Hungary, which is why she’d appreciate your knowledge. They always love to see foreigners appreciating their country.

They share everything, every single intimacy is not left aside. You have to have that in mind all the time, and try to gain not only her sympathies but the sympathies of her friends and family as well. Here, I’ll try to give you some insight into good and bad sides of dating a Slovakian girl. Bratislava is a well-known tourist city, many call it a younger sister of some of the most famous cities in the entire Europe- Prague and Vienna. You can simply use the filters and search for Women of Slovak Republic. Most of them speak English pretty well, so you won’t have any troubles communicating with them.

Most important Traits of Slovakian Women Rated 1-10 (+ Overall Score)

Most of them are highly religious, which affects their attitudes and actions in a relationship. Slovak girls seek peace, support, and attention from their men. Also, they appreciate flowers a lot, unlike girls from the West. So feel free to get flowers for your Slovak woman regularly.

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A Slovakian lady will not stop in the middle. Instead, she will patiently work hard until she achieves what she genuinely wants. And, of course, Slovakian girls will not accept something she is not consistently satisfied with. However, this feature does not mean that these women are uncompromising. When it comes to their family, they will be soft and forgiving.

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